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sonomaa i dont have you as registered to the website.
ill check into it,
Forum Broken? Cant post anything or even reply to threads
New Clan application in members section. Please Go Vote. Happy new years everyone!
Star Citizen News
Published on Mar 23, 2017, this edition of Around the Verse: What is a Mega Map, Sandi Gardiner and Forrest Stephan share how mega-map improves playability in Star Citizen, while Eric Kieron Davis stops by with the Los Angeles studio upd...
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Originally published on April 26, 2016 as a segment of Around the Verse #2.25: In our third episode, Writer William Weisbaum from the CIG Lore Team explores the Elysium System. LOREMAKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY: ELYSIUM Hello and welcome t...
Published Mar 21, 2017
Obituary: CPL Charles Swann Marine CPL Charles Swann, of 1st Battalion, 1st Platoon, in the Lorell Navy, passed away on Sunday, Marth 19th, 2947. CPL Swann, better known as ‘Charley’ to his friends in the service, was killed ...
Published Mar 20, 2017
In this episode of Around the Verse, published on March 16th, 2017, Lead Technical Designer Kirk Tome joins Sandi Gardiner for a detailed look on level design. Studio Director & Global Head of Production Erin Roberts reports on the U...
Published Mar 20, 2017
INN’s much-anticipated streamer spotlight series continues with Tirent_Longstar (Tirent). This in-depth spotlight article series seeks to (re)introduce unknown, not so well know, and very well known streamers – people passion...
Published Mar 20, 2017
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Happy New Years!

Arrius1226 a posted Dec 31, 16

|Drunken Mafia 2017

Happy New Year Drunken Mafia and Friends. Cheers to all and a Safe Night!

|Drunken Mafia Get together 

Some Members are trying to get a DM camping trip started up. If your interested and want to Sign up to join in (Members only) then head to the forums now. Link - Drunks Meet 2017


|CitizenCon 2016

Starting Oct 7th - 9th, 2016. 

Twitch and live streams Fri-Sat and Live 6 hour Presentation on Sunday. All events start at 4:00PM Eastern Time Zone. Presentation will show off the 2.6 and 3.0 content. Also will show other behind the scence footage and exclusive updates on next years content and the forward plans for star citizen. 

Drunken Mafia Services

Arrius1226 a posted Aug 18, 16

|Drunken Mafia Services Tab

We now Have a New Payment Option for DM services (servers, TS, and Website). The ability to pay is located in the same spot as the website group pay. This gives us greater ability to run Drunken Mafia and pay for our services as a clan. The payment options have changed but greatly improves on the original Group Pay. Now money received can be transferred to Teamspeak, Server services, and Website.

This Method allows for PayPal, Debit and Credit card usage. Please read and follow the instruction on the payment page once prompted. Thank you and Cheers! 

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